Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Wallach UltraFreeze Dewar

Wallach UltraFreeze Dewar

Wallach UltraFreeze Dewar   Wallach UltraFreeze Dewar

The Wallach UltraFreeze Dewar is a storage refill tank designed for use with the UltraFreeze Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer (#900076). When sealed, the liquid nitrogen will last a long time in the Dewar. Once in use within the UltraFreeze Sprayer, the liquid evaporation rate is eight hours. #900109-1: 5 Liters [requires the Dewar Pouring Spout (#900110-1) for use]. #900109-2: 10 Liters [requires the Dewar Manual Discharge Device (#900111-1 or #900111-3) for use].

#900109-3: 20 Liters [requires the Dewar Manual Discharge Device (#900111-3) for use]. Customer is responsible for ensuring that the items can be delivered in the desired location without issue. The carrier is not able to remove old equipment or obstacles. Item arrives secured to a pallet and delivered up to address. Includes unloading, unpacking, disposing of packing material, and placement of your items in the location of your choice.

Hospital beds to residential addresses must have a Residential Hospital Bed Waiver on file. Customer will be able to approve or request to cancel the order. MFI is available to assist with providing contact information for the carrier.

With details on how (steps executed) and when (time and date) the problem occurred. We will also require the order number, serial number, and media (photos & videos showing the issue and how everything is connected). Our team will open a support ticket and assist you every step of the way. MFI has certified technicians who are standing by to assist with any questions.

If the problems are not resolved remotely, our team will determine whether the item should be sent back to MFI or send a technician on-site for repairs. To expedite a response to your issue, be prepared to provide details on how (steps executed) and when (time and date) the problem occurred. Let us know if you feel that our quality does not meet your expectations, and we will work to achieve your satisfaction.

These services include the repair as well as certification. Must be returnable, unopened, unused. Safety seals cannot be opened or broken. Customer is responsible for packing return properly. If an item is reported damaged or defective, troubleshooting is required before authorizing the return.

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Wallach UltraFreeze Dewar   Wallach UltraFreeze Dewar